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Galaxy Boy Delivery Mail


Step aboard Galaxy-Boy Delivery, an educational experience that's as diverse as the cosmos! With a keen focus on Autism and homeschooling, our offerings in STEM and STEAM are tailored to meet varied learning needs. Using the latest technologies in animation and production your kiddos will be geared for the future of digital literacy and e-learning.

What You'll Discover
  • Digital Literacy Videos: Learn about internet safety, coding basics, and how to navigate the virtual world responsibly.

  • Word of the Day Segments: Expand your vocabulary with interactive and child-friendly definitions that are great for spelling bees or casual conversation.

  • Interactive Sing-Alongs: Enhance language skills and build social-emotional learning through music—perfect for kids with Autism who respond well to auditory stimuli.

  • Games: From mathematical puzzles to scientific exploration, our games encourage logical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.}

  • Autism-Specific Resources: Special videos and articles that touch upon sensory processing, social stories, and other forms of Autism learning.

  • Homeschooling Tips & Tricks: A wealth of ideas for curriculum planning, hands-on activities, and how to create an inclusive learning environment at home.

Plus, our treasure trove of free resources offers valuable support for parents and teachers, covering areas like KidLit, Autism, and a whole galaxy more! Embark on this universal journey of educational fun and discovery designed to make every family's learning adventure truly stellar!

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