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3 Games and Books & Games to Master the Mysteries of Subtraction | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Looking to teach your kids subtraction? Check out these three amazing books and games that will make you excited to learn or teach all about subtraction!

1. Subtraction Sorcery (Math Wiz: Blossoms Reader, Level 1) Available at: Amazon

About: Follow along as the Math Wiz takes you on a magical adventure, learning subtraction along the way! Perfect for introducing young readers to subtraction.

2. "Subtraction Space Mission" VR Experience 🚀🌌 Available on Meta

About: Math World VR combines fun games with simple math to exercise the brain! This STEM-accredited VR game consists of 12 fun mini-games for all ages to enjoy! Who said brain exercise can't be fun?

3. "Subtraction Ship Adventure" Board Game 🚢⚓ Available at: Amazon

About: RACTICE ESSENTIAL MATH SKILLS: Target the basic building blocks of math for first grade students with this math game: addition and subtraction from 0-9, comparing numbers (greater than, less than, equal to) and learning odds and evens.


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