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Kidlit Interview with Ame Dyckman NY Times Bestselling Author

Ame Dyckman, self-described as “short, loud, goofy… Did I mention goofy?” is the colorful award-winning author of many books for children, including Boy + Bot; the New York Times-bestselling Wolfie The Bunny; Misunderstood Shark (and sequel); You Don’t Want a Unicorn! (and sequel); Dandy, etc.—with several new projects on the way, including her next picture book: How Dinosaurs Went Extinct: A Safety Guide, coming April 18, 2023.

Galaxy-Boy Delivery is an All Ages of Geek STEAM/STEM-based show that’s all about digital media and literacy! It’s an exciting and fun way for kids to learn and explore new ideas. Recently, they had the honor of interviewing award-winning children’s author, Ame Dyckman! During the interview, Ame shared her insights on the writing process, gave tips for aspiring authors, and even shared sneak peeks of her upcoming projects. Ame’s passion for literacy and children’s literature make her a perfect fit for the show.

Galaxy-Boy Delivery is committed to making learning fun and accessible, and this interview is just one example of the exciting and innovative programming they offer. If you’re a parent or a teacher looking for engaging and educational content for your child or students, stay tuned and learn more from the amazingly goofy Ame Dyckman.


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