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Kidlit Interview with Awesome Tonja Drecker | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Kidlit author of Music Boxes-Dancing, Tonja Drecker is here at All Ages of Geek to talk all about her life as a writer, who her support team is, her blog Bookworm for Kids and kidlit reviews, and what type of books she believes need to be published far more in the kidlit world.

As a kidlit author who loves to share her passion for reading with kids, Tonja’s “Bookworm for Kids” is full of fun and informative articles about, well, books for children.

On her blog, you can find book reviews, recommendations for great reads, and even giveaways to help you get even more out of the books you love. One of the things that makes Tonja’s blog special is the reviews are written in a way that is easy for kids to understand. Reviews are also unbiased and stay true to her love of reading.


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