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Kidlit Interview with Jessica Yaun | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Kids should always see themselves represented in books, and writer Jessica Yaun is here to discuss this on KidlIt Creator Interview with All Ages of Geek and “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”.

Jessica writes both fiction and nonfiction picture books for kids, chapter books, middle grade, young adult novels, novellas, poetry, articles, and copy on a variety of topics. She mainly does it all in the book world!

What’s inspiring is as a disabled author and parent, she is an advocate for making sure disabilities are properly represented in all forms of media. One point Jessica wanted to make at All Ages of Geek is that books featuring disabilities should be “accessible to all libraries, book stores and schools around the world” just so “kids can see themselves in stories” but also so they can “feel confident about disabilities and encouraged to go for their dreams”.


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