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Kidlit Interview with Samantha Jo Phan | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Samantha Jo Phan is an amazing artist who creates beautiful illustrations known for her cute and colorful style, which often features animals and other adorable creatures. She is a freelance illustrator who has worked for mobile games, entertainment, education and children’s projects. Samantha stopped by All Ages of Geek to chat with Galaxy-Boy Delivery all about her illustration, inspirations and advice for kids to get into art!

One thing that makes Samantha’s illustrations so special is the way she uses color. She has a great eye for choosing just the right shades and tones to bring her artwork to life. It makes her book cover designs super kid-friendly. When you see one of the covers you want to jump into her world of art!

Samantha is also a very talented storyteller. Many of her illustrations are part of picture books or other stories, and she does a great job of bringing the characters and settings to life. Her work is inspired by folk tales, nature and places she has traveled. Even without words you can truly see the heart in the art! Her true gift as an illustrator is sparking the imagination in all of us that kids (and adults!) can get lost in.

Overall, Samantha Jo Phan is an incredible illustrator and we were honored to interview her on All Ages of Geek! Now let’s jump into the interview!


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