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Kidlit Interview with the Amazing Brittany Pomales | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

The awesome Brittany Pomales who has a 2025 picture book debut coming up (wow) is here to talk with Galaxy-Boy Delivery all about inspirations behind kidlit, her writing blog, humor in children’s literature and how she creates.

Kidlit is a vital part of the literary world and plays an important role in the development and education of young children. Picture books, in particular, are a crucial tool for helping kids learn to read, build vocabulary, and gain an appreciation for the written word. It’s why here at All Ages of Geek Galaxy-Boy Delivery is on the move to support kidlit creators all around the world just like Brittany and her debut.

The authors and illustrators Galaxy-Boy Delivery interviews are always here to give writing advice along with tips and tricks to any kids who are aspiring to become kidlit creators themselves. Brittany has some great advice for your kids or students, so be sure to support her kidlit journey as she debuts as an author. Always be sure to support local authors and illustrators and review their books on Goodreads and Amazon!


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