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The Cootie Wars Author Kofi Houston Interview | Galaxy-Boy Delivery

Kofi Houston, author of The Cootie Wars series stopped by All Ages of Geek to talk all about his debut published book The Cootie Wars: Rise of the Germaphobes, his inspirations as a writer and how he honors God in every project he works on.

The wonderful part of this article is how Kofi talks about God and how He is present in all of his works. Being able to talk about God and faith is so important when creating books, especially when you wish to express your gratitude to others. All Ages of Geek is thankful for authors like Kofi since he shares his thankfulness with others, and in turn helps lift others up by God’s goodwill and grace.

A reminder to help authors like Kofi Houston get more support is by leaving reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Make sure you also purchase a book for your local library to help books like The Cootie Wars: Rise of the Germaphobes get discovered by young readers!


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