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Winter Wonderland Crafts for Kids: Sparkling Snowmen, Penguins, and Snowflakes!

Let's sprinkle some winter wonder and creativity into your kids' days with these delightful crafts! As the chilly season blankets the outdoors, these fun activities will keep little hands busy and imaginations soaring. From crafting penguin finger puppets to creating snowflake window clings and adorable cotton ball snowmen, these projects are perfect for embracing the magic of winter indoors. Let's dive in and craft some snowy fun!

  1. Penguin Finger Puppets: Create adorable penguin pals using felt or construction paper. Cut out oval shapes for the bodies and smaller shapes for the heads, wings, and feet. Let the kids decorate these pieces with googly eyes, markers, and felt scraps.

  2. Snowflake Window Clings: Make beautiful snowflake window clings using white school glue and wax paper. Lay down wax paper and let the kids squeeze glue onto it, forming intricate snowflake patterns. Allow them to dry completely (usually overnight). Once dry, carefully peel off the snowflakes and stick them onto windows for a magical winter scene that's easily removable.

  3. Cotton Ball Snowmen: Craft adorable snowmen using cotton balls! Have kids glue several cotton balls together to create a snowman's body. Then, use construction paper to make hats, scarves, and tiny carrot noses.

These crafts are sure to keep the little ones entertained while celebrating the wonders of the winter season!

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